Industrial vibes in Eindhoven

Last weekend we discovered Strijp-S, an emergent neighborhood in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The town,  which was heavily bombed during WW2, is now mostly rebuilt and not really special as far as its architecture is concerned. It is made up of several neighborhoods, the offspring of the country villages that were conposing it originally. Strijp-S is one of these, and used to be an area devoted to Philips headquarters and facilities. Currently, the industrial buildings have been converted into bars, live music venues, restaurants and much more (even a skating park). What really impressed us is the big number of graffiti and street art pieces that cover the otherwise plain and greyish walls of this place.

Tip for a quick visit: check the nice fashion/design shops that are popping up in the area, and have a bagel and an healthy juice at Bagel&Juice, a cosy bar with big glass windows.


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